Pécs Market Hall and REL’s environment

Venue:  Pecs – Hungary
Project name:   Urban and architectural design competition for the central building and environment of the new Pécs Market Hall and Short Supply Chain
Date:    26. November 2015.
Result:   special mentioned
Architects:   Istvan BEDE, Akos HUTTER, Gabor VERES
Architecture co-workers:  Andras GREG, Ildiko SIKE, Andrea ENGERT, Balazs KOKAS, Alexandra PETO
LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE   Balazs ALMÁSI                       
Traffic                                                 Antal TOMPOS
Economist                                        Andrea SUVÁK
Universal planning                      Tamas TURI, Magdolna HORVATH
Visualization                                   Peter KORONCZI
Budget                                               Balazs FUREDI, Szabolcs PATYI
Water supply                                  Erno DITTRICH
Wildlife                                             Tibor PECZ
Noise pollution                             Laszlo CZIMERMAN
Air pollution                                   Lajos HORVATH


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